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Emily Graham

Graphic Designer

Artist turned Graphic Designer. A Video Game fanatic. An Adventure Time zealot. An anime addict. A music maniac. A crazy cat lady. A craft connoisseur. 

Emily moved to Missouri with her partner right out of college after snagging their first jobs in the area. They are the proud (cat) parents to three kitties: Luna, Rezz, and Gibby. Their house is never boring. 

Emily spends most of her free time doing some sort of art project ranging anywhere from regular drawing and painting, to crochet stuffies, to sculpting with polymer clay. And if she is not crafting, she’s gaming. Her games of choice are Stardew Valley, or pretty much anything Nintendo. Big fan of anything Zelda, Splatoon, or of course, Mario. 

Emily is a big fan of staying home and hanging out, but you can find her attending music festivals or live concerts. She considers herself an aficionado of EDM, funk, jam bands, R&B, rap, pop punk, and everything in between (except country lol).

Alma Mater

Kansas State University

Favorite Thing(s)

My Kitties


Video Games
Almost Any Sort of Craft

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