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& Analytics

How well do you know your competitor’s customers? What does your competition offer that you don’t? What message sticks with potential customers? Once you find the right message, how do you choose the right channel to deploy it? ADsmith’s marketing research answers these questions and guides your product and service offerings, your messaging, and your media mix. Before you waste money guessing on tactics, ADsmith’s research is an investment in accountable results.

Market Research

Research creates a foundation to measure success.

ADsmith conducts marketing research to define industry trends and improve user experience. In an ever-changing industry, we utilize annual strategic planning along with adaptive marketing. It’s our job to recognize market shifts, make necessary adjustments, and continuously rethink our methods.

We’re focus group pros.

From recruiting participants to coordinating discussion questions, overseeing moderation and all the other details, we’ve got it covered. Our focus group facility allows our clients to privately observe the focus group discussion in real-time. We also record the session allowing our team and clients to review the content as often as needed.

Want to go virtual?

We can do that. ADsmith offers virtual focus groups using video conferencing to accommodate the need for distance.

Interested in participating in a paid focus group?

We are looking for individuals willing to share their opinions in focus groups. Groups usually consist of eight to twelve people. If the focus group is at our facility, dinner is on us. Whether in-person or virtual, we pay you for your time and opinions.

& Online Surveys.

The first step in any plan is research.

Surveying your target audience can help you get a clearer understanding of brand awareness, uncover helpful insights, test new ideas or products, and dive deeper into your well-performing efforts or areas that need attention. Whether in person or digitally, we can help you develop questions, organize your audience list, and analyze the results.

There are two ways to approach a survey.

The first and most traditional is a survey issued to your customers in person. This gives us a glimpse of your customers’ media habits and we get real-time insight regarding, among other things, their experiences with your business.

The second type of survey is online – and this type of research has become increasingly relevant due to the ease of implementation and cost-savings. At ADsmith, we use online surveys to learn current perceptions, identify barriers, and test new ideas—to rely on a cliché, the sky is the limit.

And as with all ADsmith Marketing and Advertising’s approaches, each survey is completely customized for your business.