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Joe Stearns

Studio Director

Ever since middle school, when he first helped some friends make a skateboarding video using a cheap camcorder, Joe has had a passion for capturing motion. Whether it’s through still photography, or digital footage cut together in a sequence, he believes in the power of storytelling. As ADsmith’s Studio Director, Joe pools resources from his own skillset as well as those of his colleagues to show and tell our clients’ stories, products, and services.  With a background in cinema and an understanding of how mobile technology is changing the way we tell stories, he’s the ideal fit for all things video and photo at ADsmith. 

Joe studied Digital Film Production at Missouri State University, but considers himself a lifelong student of film and television. Outside of work, Joe enjoys trying new things in the kitchen, movie nights with his wife and their two cats, and reading science fiction. Live Long and Prosper.

Alma Mater

Missouri State University

Favorite Thing(s)

Arnold Palmers
A Light Breeze on a Warm Spring Day


Drone Flying

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