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Web Development

We understand that web development isn’t just about creating a website; it’s about crafting a digital experience that leaves a lasting impression. A well-executed website ensures that your online presence isn’t just functional, but also engaging and user-friendly.

Your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. It’s like a virtual storefront that needs to convey your message, showcase your products or services, and guide visitors seamlessly. Proper web development involves careful design, intuitive navigation, and efficient functionality to make sure your audience stays and explores, rather than bouncing away frustrated. Developing a website correctly means creating a bridge between your brand and your audience, fostering trust and credibility that can drive business growth.

Don’t just settle for any ordinary website; you can trust us to build an extraordinary digital presence through meticulous development practices. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to ensure that your website isn’t just a URL, but a powerful tool that elevates your brand and captivates your audience.

Website Management.

A website’s journey doesn’t end with its launch

It’s an ongoing process that requires consistent care and attention. We ensure that your WordPress site remains a polished and high-performing asset.

WordPress’ regular updates, security checks, and content refreshes can sometimes become an overwhelming task when piled on to your normal day-to-day workflow. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the tools and settings offered by WordPress, handling everything from plugin updates to security patches seamlessly. While you focus on your core business, we handle the technical details, ensuring your website continues to shine and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Don’t let your WordPress site become stagnant or vulnerable. Let us take the reins and provide the expertise needed to maintain its vitality and security.

Search Engine Optimization.

Website Auditing

We begin with a comprehensive digital audit to determine the current state of your website’s technical SEO. We will pinpoint errors, present opportunities, and research the best keywords to represent your brand for your targeted area.

On Page SEO

After the site audit we focus on your on-page SEO (title tags, meta descriptions, friendly URLs, link building, blogging, and so on). We also compare your keywords with your competitors’ and provide monthly reports breaking down your website traffic, keyword rankings, and everything else that falls under the sizable SEO umbrella.

SEO is not a one-time thing. Search engines can take 4–6 months to register your updates, and during that time, keywords change. Good strategies eventually become outdated. Strong website traffic will eventually plateau. A nosedive in any of these areas can be a hard hole to climb out of. As a digital marketing agency, ADsmith is constantly monitoring your digital health so we’re ready to act and adapt to any changes that impact your rankings in search results.

Reputation Management.

The Internet has essentially handed every customer a megaphone.

Whether they take to Google, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, or all the above to share their experiences, they have the potential to damage your business, even without a legitimate criticism.

The good news? Many customers take negative reviews with a grain of salt. The better news? A response from the company—regardless of the outcome—can go a long way to establish or confirm faith in your brand.

That’s why we monitor the reviews and messages clients receive. When a negative review is posted, we leap into action. Our process is straightforward—we determine what happened, if or where the wrongdoing occurred, and then form a plan of action based on what we discover. It might be a misunderstanding or an internal issue that presents an opportunity for growth. We look to maintain relationships where possible and offer solutions that will leave all parties satisfied—or at least knowing that they were heard.

Remember that addressing negative reviews isn’t always for the reviewer in question. Current and potential customers pay attention to how you handle every negative interaction, and they make buying decisions based on what they see. In many ways, addressing your negative reviews is an opportunity to shine.

Web Analytics & Reporting.

Web analytics reporting is the compass that guides our digital strategies.

Understanding the data behind your website, digital advertising, and even traditional media campaign performance is essential to unlocking its full potential. We believe that insights from analytics empower informed decision-making. By tracking metrics such as user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion rates, we gain valuable insight into what’s working and what needs improvement. This data-driven approach allows us to tailor our strategies, refine user experiences, and maximize your online impact. We use analytics reporting not just to measure success, but to enhance it – ensuring that every effort we make is aligned with your goals and yields tangible results.

An easy to understand custom monthly or quarterly analytics report breaking down website traffic, rankings, and more is created and made available to all clients who participate in digital marketing services with ADsmith.