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Traditional Media.

Traditional media is still viable and plays an important role in your media mix.

Whether your advertising budget is large or small, ADsmith will advise you on how best to invest your dollars to achieve your goals. Television, radio, billboards, and print – regardless of the platform, we’ll evaluate and deliver the most bang for your buck!

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Traditional Media

Media Research.

Valuable tools for measurable results.

Our thorough analysis of media data and research, including subscriptions to Nielsen ratings and SQAD (Spot Quotations and Data), provides a clear picture of the media preferences of a variety of demographic segments: their viewing, listening, and reading habits.

By analyzing historical data and trends, we can forecast future media behaviors. Through the synergy of our research tools, we determine the most effective and efficient media mix to engage your target audience. We leverage years of media experience and expertise alongside sophisticated, impartial software, to accurately appraise the value of each timeslot.

Media Strategy & Negotiation

There’s a time and place for everything.

That includes when and where to place your advertising messages.  When we create a media plan, we consider the comprehensive plan and analyze each element.

Is the message appropriate for the season, program, and station? Does it harmonize with other marketing endeavors? Is it consistent with digital strategies? Does our research support our recommendations? 

Equally important is your budget. What is each ad worth? What are the average market costs? What is the lowest rate we can pay without being preempted? Is there an opportunity for bonus or added promotional value? We explore all options to maximize your budget to deliver strong results.

Media Buying.

Our objective is simple: we want to reach the largest target audience possible at the lowest possible cost.

Your magnificent message is ready to go. The next step is finding your audience – not just any audience, but your specific target demographic. You’re in luck! ADsmith Marketing & Advertising has the tools and relationships to place your media.

Co-Op Services.

Extensive experience in co-op coordination.

If you’re an authorized dealer of a national brand, you might have co-op funds available to offset various advertising expenses. However, navigating co-op guidelines can often be a confusing, complicated process.  ADsmith to the rescue! We’ll work with our creative team to craft approved co-op messages, and then we’ll file your co-op claims to help pay for your advertising.  


Delivering the goods.

At ADsmith, we make sure you get your money’s worth with an intense media invoice-audit and post-analysis process. Utilizing media data, we hold stations accountable for delivering the exact audience they promised during rate negotiations. If they fall short, we schedule makegood ads (free ads!) to make up for any under-delivery.