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Video, Photo & Audio


Springfield Contractors Associates - On Site Interview

Visual storytelling is our jam.

With a portfolio spanning traditional media, ambitious web videos, and compelling animation, ADsmith’s award winning team is here to bring your brand story to life.  Our cutting-edge technology and seamless editing sets our videos apart in a big way. Did we mention that we are also really fun to work with?  Give us a call and let’s talk about your next video!


Dreaming of gorgeous arial footage of your latest project or next event?

We’ve got you! ADsmith offers state-of-the-art drone videography and photography, integrating technology and creativity for unparalleled visuals.  We navigate regulations, secure permits, and capture stunning visuals responsibly, providing you with captivating footage for projects, events, or marketing campaigns. Trust ADsmith to bring your vision to new heights.


Joe taking picture of Ozarks Legacy Law ladies

Craft visual narratives that resonate.

ADsmith’s team provides the artistic vision and technology to capture stunning images, from professional headshots to product displays, candid moments from special events to tours of your company campus. We create entire libraries of custom product or company images for multi-use purposes, bringing creativity and expertise to every click of the shutter.


Audio Microphones

Audio recording is an artform that takes more than a mic to master.

Our team has the experience and the equipment to deliver immersive auditory. Whether it’s recording crisp voiceovers or engineering pristine soundscapes, we tailor each audio element to complement your message and engage your audience on a deeper level. From podcasts to commercials, events to installations, even whole audiobooks, ADsmith ensures that your brand’s voice resonates.