There’s a reason we say TEAM instead of staff.

Amy Hietter
Account Supervisor

Amy is the resident ray of sunshine. Whenever it’s cloudy outside, Amy’s nonstop energy and radiant personality wrestles frowns into submission and forces them to cry uncle. This makes her a natural when it comes to interacting with ADsmith clients. She has the energy and the creativity to manage and develop marketing strategies and brainstorm ideas. Highly self-motivated, Amy is committed to ongoing education, especially in the ever-changing digital world.

Amy graduated with a BS in Communications from Missouri State University. She has more than twelve years of experience in marketing and graphic design, having formerly served as VP of Sales and Marketing, Marketing Director, Graphic Designer, and Copywriter.

More About Amy

If you had to get a tattoo on your forehead, what would it be?
A third eye. That would really freak people out.

Last trophy you won:
1st place in a triathlon a couple years ago

Favorite song to sing in the shower:
Anything from RENT. My family loves it…yes you do. You love it.

What was your last dream about?
I haven’t slept in 5 years;)

What is your Patronus?
Unicorn. Duh.

What is your favorite word?