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What is Snackable Content?

You get around 6 seconds of screen time before your content is scrolled past and forgotten. Snackable content can increase your chances of retention and conversion. It’s time to ditch long, informative posts that require more than 10 seconds to digest. We’ll dive deeper into what snackable content is and why it’s needed, and show you how it can be used in your next campaign strategy.

What is Snackable Content

Snackable content is convenient, bite-sized marketing content designed to attract and convert viewers by remaining brief and relevant. With only seconds before your audience continues scrolling, your visual content must be attractive and quick to grasp. The ultimate goal is to create graphics and images that pull viewers in while clearly communicating the message.

No matter what you are communicating, the content must be relevant to your audience. Defining your audience niche will ensure that your snackable content is consumed by the right consumers.

Snackable content optimizes and streamlines the best parts of the five-course meal that comprises the content marketing strategy of your campaign. Although snackable content seems easier than other marketing initiatives, it actually requires you to step further into the customer’s shoes, as well as their brain.


Why is Snackable Content Important

On social media platforms, and in other realms of marketing, you only get a few seconds of your audience’s attention before they move on to other things. This means the content you produce must attract attention by provoking emotion, pleasing the eye, creating a relationship with the customer through a relatable brand aesthetic, or identifying an undiscovered customer need for which you have the solution. And it must be done quickly and with as few words as possible.

This is why podcasts, webinars, articles, and even product promotion social media posts aren’t effective in our fast-paced, scrolling world. Viewers desire to be able to take your content—whether it’s about you or your products and services—one bite at a time to discover who you are as a brand rather than long-form initiatives.

Why? People are constantly distracted. They are distracted to the tune of at least 3,000 brand impressions every single day. Throw in a tiny, mobile screen, and you see why posts with a lot of copy don’t stand out. Your objective is to get your ideal consumer to stop scrolling. To do that, you have to be creative.

Real Examples of Content

We’re going to help you out. Below are a few examples of snackable content that ADsmith has designed to get customers to stop scrolling. You can also check out our digital media services.


Tips and statistics are a good way to implement snackable content into your brand’s social strategy.

dales roofing company gif

Gifs that explain your product, service, or mission are also effective because they are quick, keep the viewers’ attention because of the movement, and provide an opportunity to show your brand personality.

Now check out how other brands have created snackable content in the form of memes to attract their audience.

brand-memes snackable-meme

Totinos and Bugles did a good job of relating to their audience, creating a graphic that catches the eye, and presenting a potential need for their product.

Overall, the goal is to get your audience’s attention and to have fun while doing it. Snackable content requires you to step into your target audience’s mind to effectively create content that is quick and memorable.

ADsmith has a team that is ready to help you create effective and creative snackable content that will make your brand stand out. Contact us today to learn more about our digital media services and capabilities.