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Instagram Video – Marketing Minute

Instagram can be a tough platform to tackle. With its constant evolution and unique intricacies. It can seem like an untamable beast, but, here are a few guidelines.

Many businesses taking on Instagram for the first time assume that the content they are producing for one social media platform will translate well to all of them.

All social media were not created equal. Each one has its own culture and aesthetic standard. First and foremost, for Instagram, design your video with mobile device viewers in mind. For example, we know that mobile users are 9Xs more likely to watch a video in its entirety if it is vertical.

But what about content? Behind-the-scenes and how-tos make great content. Rather than highlighting a product or service – try portraying its benefits in a fun and entertaining way. And don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor! Showing your personality is the best way to connect with your community.

If you have questions about Instagram video or other social media platforms, please, call us at ADsmith.