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Content Marketing: Engaging vs Selling – Marketing Minute

There is a time and place to tell your potential customers about all the products or services you offer. That time is after you’ve piqued their interest in your business and that place is the copy of your website.

So how do you grab their attention in the first place? It can be challenging with a million different things out there vying for our attention.

The key to captivating is creative, passionate storytelling that focuses on WHY you do what you do.

For example:
Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ozarks could create a video detailing all the benefits of donating to the Houses. Instead, they have created a video series capturing the stories of families who have been impacted by their work.

Engaging content gets to the heart of WHY a business does something, and not just WHAT they do.

The difference is Creative
The difference is Passion
The difference is Storytelling

Content marketing is a very broad term therefore, we’ll be covering more aspects of it in future Minutes. If you’re interested in discussing the benefits of creative storytelling in more detail, contact us at ADsmith.