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2020 Year in Review

Hard as it is to believe, the first month of the new year is already gone. What is perhaps the most highly anticipated new year in recent memory is well underway. For all its ups and downs, 2020 was an eventful year for many ADsmith clients—and in ways not at all related to the pandemic – at least mostly. We certainly had to do some creative pivoting to help some of our clients celebrate significant milestones!

One of those milestones was TelComm Credit Union’s anniversary. Our favorite credit union hit the big 8-0 in 2020 and celebrated in style with six individual giveaways of $800 ($4,800 in total) to community members. The fact that the #Adulting campaign ADsmith produced for TelComm took home a Telly Award didn’t hurt, either. Who doesn’t want national recognition and shiny awards? You’ll have to ask someone else, because TelComm got both.

#Adulting Series

Produced for TelComm Credit Union

Bronze Telly Winner in Campaign: Online Commercials – Business-to-Consumer




In terms of milestones, though, TelComm was not the only one. Three ADsmith clients celebrated 30 years in business last year—Bug Zero, Springfield Builder’s, and Stoneridge Flooring Design. And as it turns out, 2020 made the home services industry a good industry to be in. With so many people transitioning to working-from-home setups, remote learning, or otherwise canceling plans due to the pandemic, home improvement projects increased exponentially.adsmith-home-improvement-industry-marketing

Whether deciding to tackle that kitchen remodel, finally making good on the promise to have hardwood flooring installed, ensuring that the home-turned work/learning environment remained pest-free, or anything on the never-ending list of DIY projects, people found things around the house that needed to be done to enhance the at-home experience and add value to the home itself.

City Utilities also celebrated a big anniversary in 2020 as it turned 75. It’s hard to imagine a time before Springfield had its own municipally owned utility company, but in the days before City Utilities, natural gas, water, electricity, and transit services were provided by out-of-state businesses that often overcharged customers by as much as 10 percent.

In 1945, though, City Utilities was founded by locals for locals, resulting in lower utility cost and higher demand. City Utilities continues to grow in response to meet Springfieldians’ needs at competitive costs; in the 1990s, they began offering fiber internet for local businesses to promote community growth. Today, City Utilities is in the process of making affordable fiberoptic internet services available to residents across Springfield—and considering the number of people whose offices are now in their homes, the timing could not be better.


Last year also marked ADsmith Marketing & Advertising’s 20th anniversary, and with it the opportunity to flex our creative muscles, branch out in new directions, and provide innovative solutions to clients as we jointly navigated a year that was unlike any we’d ever had. Now that we’re into 2021, we look forward to commemorating new milestones and conquering new terrain.

If your business has a big birthday this year and you want to know how to make the most out of it, reach out to us. We love finding reasons to celebrate.