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No Ceiling from SBJ Podcasts

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but this year has been a little weird. Granted, at ADsmith, we knew 2020 would be a big one—it was a milestone year for us, turning twenty and all. No, we couldn’t have anticipated everything that 2020 brought – and continues to bring. But we had plans and great expectations for ourselves going in.

The plans, by necessity, had to change, but if anything, the expectations for ourselves were higher than ever. As a woman-founded and owned business, ADsmith is all about elevating the voices of women throughout our area, telling their stories and sharing in their successes. This is why we were proud to partner with the Springfield Business Journal—another woman-owned Springfield institution—to give the women whose professional lives have reshaped the local landscape a platform on which to tell their stories.

This is how ADsmith Marketing & Advertising got into the business of producing podcasts.

SBJ’s series of podcasts, No Ceiling, highlights the women behind some of Springfield’s most iconic businesses, organizations, and establishments. Each interview is conducted by SBJ’s Christine Temple and details the journey these women took to climb to the top of their respective professions, as well as the challenges and triumphs they encountered along the way.

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The first season of this groundbreaking new series launched in October of this year. Guests include:

The stories and experiences these women share are both singular and universal—each journey distinctive but interwoven with collective resilience, fortitude, which translated into an unstoppable drive for success. These women are a testament to how personal tragedies and professional setbacks can inspire and impassion—something ADsmith knows well, thanks to our founder and owner, Angela Smith, whose passion for marketing done right (intentional marketing, if you will) led her to take the leap and launch her own company in 2000.

For better or worse, 2020 has been a landmark year for women on the local and national level. The opportunity to help amplify the voices of the women who have quietly or not-so-quietly helped build our community seemed the perfect way to celebrate twenty years of being woman-founded, woman-owned while delving into a new medium of podcasts. These women are remarkable, and we’re just getting started in telling their stories.

What are some other stories or concepts that would make great podcast material? Let us know your thoughts. And if you’d like to take on the endeavor yourself, we’d be glad to go on that podcast production journey with you.