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Not for Profits – Marketing Minute

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. First, becoming active in not-for-profits opens the networking door, putting you in direct contact with other business owners who share your passion.

Also, when people see you’re doing your part to help the community, they are more likely to remember you. Especially if you are involved in a cause that is near and dear to them. Not-for-profits exist to better the lives of the people within the community. When the community thrives, area businesses thrive as well.

Finally, Not-for-profits need you.  No matter your area of expertise, you have something to offer they can’t get elsewhere. There are tons of not-for-profits that do amazing work every day for people in our community. Here are just a few organizations ADsmith is involved with because someone here is passionate about their mission. Serve on boards, volunteer at events, get involved…heck, dye your hair teal, then shave your head to raise money for cancer research.

Have questions about getting involved in the community? Give ADsmith Marketing and Advertising a call.