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Localized Research – Marketing Minute

Although you call the shots in your business – remember that your customers are king. Research keeps customers happy by creating two-way communication. You’ll learn what they want—and your goal from there is to provide it.

Research also keeps marketing messages effective. Just because you like a message or product does not mean your customers will. Don’t spend money on campaigns without knowing for sure that they will be effective and profitable.

So how do you conduct localized research? You can obtain quantitative research through surveys and market analyses to provide numerical data on marketing efforts.

You can also obtain qualitative research through focus groups and secret shopping to get second opinions on marketing messages and any “bridge” issues – straight from your customers.

Research will give you a firm focus on your customers so you can improve your marketing messages and help your customers keep a firm focus on you.

Questions on how localized research can improve your business? Give us a call at ADsmith.