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What We Learned from GlassBuild 2022 (and Why We Went)

Glass. Glass fenestration. Doors. Windows. Hardware. Fabrication equipment. All of this and more  was at GlassBuild 2022. Members of the ADsmith team attended the glass industry conference mid-October alongside one of our partners and we had a blast! However, we may be trying to recover still.

What is GlassBuild?

GlassBuild is an annual conference and trade show for the glass and glass fenestration industries. It’s a conference where professionals come together to showcase their products, attend educational seminars and to network within the industry.

Side note: You may not know this but the window and door division—division 08 is vast! There are so many moving parts that come together to produce the windows and doors installed in your home or to create stunning building facades and interiors. There is no doubt why glass and glazing systems are such a critical component when it comes to building designs and construction.

Our team traveled to Las Vegas alongside more than 8,200 other attendees to meet and experience 386 exhibitors (domestic and international). GlassBuild is known as the largest annual gathering place for the entire glass, window, and door industries in the entire Western Hemisphere! With the ‘who’s who’s of the industry in attendance each year.

The conference is produced by National Glass Association (NGA) and they do a phenomenal job putting it on year-after-year.

Why did we go to GlassBuild?

adsmith-loves-glass-build-2022ADsmith sent team members to GlassBuild to continue to support and grow our efforts in the glass and fenestration industry alongside our partner agency, Division 08 Marketing in Atlanta, GA.

ADsmith and Division 08 have years of experience in the building and manufacturing sectors, so this venture into the glass, window, and doors industries isn’t as big of a jump as one may suspect.

Overall, our goal at GlassBuild America 2022 was to learn, network, and grow, and we believe we did just that and more!

What We Learned at GlassBuild

  1. A LOT goes into the production of windows and doors.

A quick lap around the showroom and anyone would be able to come to this conclusion. From manufacturing glass itself to fabricating the glass into doors and windows to manufacturing and producing handles for all glass doors or engineering better window frame spacers. From fenestration to installment, each moving part has an important purpose to create functionality, capitalize on design, and improve utility.

  1. There are so many innovative products and solutions out there for this industry.

Each exhibitor had a product or solution that brought something different to the floor. It’s definitely an industry that doesn’t lack in innovation.

RhinoFab brought in an exhibit and team that wowed and even showed live demos throughout the week. While GGI brought in 19 members of their team to show off their direct-to-glass printing capabilities at their booth. GGI is just one example of how companies in the industry are investing in their employees to gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole.

  1. The industry is THRIVING.

Who knew you could get excited about glass? Seriously, the tradeshow floor at GlassBuild was full of high energy and it makes sense: the industry is thriving!

  1. The industry is full of good people.

One conclusion our team members drew while in Las Vegas is that the glass, windows, and doors industry is full of good-hearted people. Everyone we met and talked to was kind and friendly. Everyone was having a great time on the tradeshow floor, and that says a lot about the state of the industry and the joy these people take in showing their solutions off.

How does our attendance at GlassBuild impact you?

ADsmith is constantly learning and growing as a team and as marketing individuals. We don’t shy away from change if we think it’s necessary. As we expand our knowledge of other industries and help market their solutions, we will be confronted with problems that may not come up until later for your industry.

Marketing for various kinds of sectors improves our problem-solving skills because it exposes us to different market conditions. This allows us to strategically and creatively challenge our thinking to find effective solutions.

While we’re approaching the glass, windows, and doors industries differently and more intensely than other sectors, we are still focusing on you too! We work hard to put research at the forefront of all of our marketing efforts and processes. It’s our goal to not only understand an industry but KNOW the industry like someone knows the back of their hand.

ADsmith is committed to providing accountable results across all industry sectors that we market for. Learn more about our marketing team and how we approach various marketing initiatives, or give us a call at 417-881-7722 to talk to someone about it!