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Facebook Preferred Audience Targeting – Marketing Minute

Have you heard of Preferred Audience Targeting on Facebook? It used to be that you would target all of your followers (AKA fans) on Facebook, which flooded people’s News Feeds. Because of Facebook’s constant algorithm changes, it’s becoming even harder to get your post to show up in your fan’s News Feeds.

So how does Preferred Audience Targeting work? You’re able to target fans of your FB page organically through their interests, activities, pages they’ve liked, and other closely related topics. Say your business is a pet store but your newest status update is about a new dog product you carry in stores. You don’t want to target people who might not be interested in dogs- say, a crazy cat lady- so you can now target people who have expressed interest in dogs: dog lovers, dog food, dog products, etc.- you can choose up to 16 interests per post to be exact. With this latest update you can also exclude certain audiences based on age and location. For example, if you have multiple locations and only carry a specific product in certain stores, you can now exclude Facebook fans that aren’t near that specific location.

This is huge because you used to only be able to target people based on their interests through Facebook advertising, but now you can target organically for no cost to your company! Have a question about Facebook or other social media platforms? Contact ADsmith.