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Educating Customers – Marketing Minute

In today’s Marketing Minute, we’re discussing how to educate your potential customers without running them off.

Regardless of your industry, there are some basic questions that consumers need answered. Like… What products do you offer? Why would they need those products? And what sets your business apart from the competition? How you answer these questions is crucial. Your goal should be to provide customers with information that is both informative and compelling without going over their heads, or – even worse – seeming to “talk down” to them.

Here are some strategies to inform and attract customers to your business:

• Don’t stress about why they may need your product – but how it benefits their daily life.

• Use examples or anecdotes when appropriate.

• Explain why your services are of value, especially if you offer something your competition doesn’t.

Remember – customers are not experts in your industry. They want to learn about it to the extent that it’s useful to them. Keep it simple, memorable, and friendly.
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