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Brand Consistency – Marketing Minute

What do people think when they hear your company’s name? Do they have a positive impression, no impression, are they familiar with your services? What is your overall image?

If you hesitated to answer, your customers might do the same.

TV, social media, print, radio … these mediums can work amazingly well together to promote your brand – and answer those questions – and answer those questions in the public’s mind.

If you remember one thing: consistency.

Don’t create a TV and radio plan without considering how the two can work together. Don’t plan a series of print ads without considering what social media campaign you might be running. And, if you have different people working on each of these, be sure they are communicating regularly, and keeping the big picture in mind.

Otherwise your different campaigns might actually be working against each other – delivering mixed messages.

Your image and message should remain true to your brand. Consistently.

The result will be a brand that customers recognize, understand, and trust.

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