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5 Reasons to Have a Blog – Marketing Minute

Why should your company or brand have a blog? Our top 5 reasons:

  1. First of all, Google loves fresh content. Your blog will help your SEO and give your website authority in Google’s eyes.
  2. Another reason to Blog is to drive organic traffic to your website
  3. By publishing interesting and informative content you are establishing yourself as an industry leader and expert.
  4. You are connecting people to your brand. In 2016 your marketing not only needs to look good- it also needs a voice.
  5. Your blog creates excellent opportunities for sharing on social media.

Blogging Tips:

  • Think about your audience and craft content you believe your audience will find valuable.
  • Brainstorm with friends or colleagues on topics. Think about commonly asked questions in your industry and expand on answers.
  • Have fun. Write naturally, and you will find your authentic voice.
  • Do not plagiarize. This is pretty important. Google looks for fresh and original content and Google knows when you cut and paste.
  • Pay attention to grammar.
  • Use photos and images to make your blog more inviting.
  • Proofread. And then have someone else proofread. And then have one more person proofread.

Stay tuned for more marketing tips. And if you need more help with your blogging strategy – give us a call at ADsmith.