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Social Media Diversificiation – Marketing Minute

If you’re not diversifying your content, you may notice a lack of engagement and you may not be creating the best image for your brand. You want to make use of multiple types of social media platforms and make the best use of those you choose.

Take Facebook, for example. It’s helpful to fill customers in on the services you provide, sales, etc. Too much of this, though, can drive them away from your site. It’s best to show you’re not “all business” by sprinkling inspirational quotes, images, or even topical observations.

You can also post about your brand in a more engaging way. Show consumers the options of a product available, for instance, and ask which they prefer and why. This encourages friendly debate, and you learn about your customer’s preference in the process.

This strategy works wonderfully for many of our clients who keep users engaged on Facebook using relevant brand news, wonderful recipes, and on-topic comments as well.
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