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Case Study

Titan Nutrition

Titan Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company selling B2C and B2B nationwide.  The company was founded in 2006 with the mission to formulate superior supplements and has grown to include over 120 nutritional products to support health and fitness.

Titan has held a strong retail position for the past 15 years, however, they have largely been known in the wholesale space as “the best-kept secret” in supplements.  Unlike many competitors, they are not a marketing company that makes supplements.  Titan is first and foremost a supplement company, and marketing has always come second.

Shop Titan Nutrition No B.S. with man lifting weights in background


Define the Titan brand and create a marketing strategy.


ADsmith worked with Titan Nutrition leadership to define what differentiates their brand.  We  landed on the following statement:

No Bullshit.

It sounds simple enough, but the statement encompasses the brand’s grit and Titan’s commitment to product excellence and transparency. 


Titan’s No B.S. social campaign increased social ad sales by 78.4%

The Google Campaign achieved a 7.9% CTR in it’s first two months.  

Overall web traffic increased 75% in the first month, with web purchases up 20%.