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Self-Sabotage – Marketing Minute

Although you always have the best of intentions when it comes to your business, it’s easy to get on the wrong track with inconsistencies in vision, training, and service.

Behind the scenes, it’s really important that your employees know the vision for the company (your purpose, your mission statement, and your end-game). If they’re not sure of the overall goal, you’ll have each person striving for their individual vision – for your business.

Things like periodic meetings, frequent training, and team-building activities will keep your group in the know while also building their bonds as a unit. A team that functions like a cohesive unit is much more likely to reach success.

On the front-end, be sure to be consistent with your customers. That means no friends-only pricing, no signing consumers up for your newsletter without asking, always honoring quotes once provided, and having an established and dependable level of customer-service, across the board.

Questions about how to avoid company self-sabotage? Give us a call at ADsmith.