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Marketing Bridge – Marketing Minute

The marketing bridge is a metaphorical link enabling your company’s overall mission to become the customer’s actual experience. The bridge to your success may be impacted by location, brand consistency, advertising budget, quality, and more.

Let’s focus on the customer service component – often the first and last impression that a customer has of your business. Is Sara an unfriendly receptionist who would be better relegated to data entry? Have you assigned answering the phone as an afterthought to Steve?

Assign tasks – and job roles – to those individuals that make the most sense. Be sure you’re not simply adding tasks, without stopping to consider if it will overburden employees – and thus detract from the overall quality of service the customer receives.

Secret shopping is a great way to discover employee strengths and overall customer service quality. A secret shopper evaluates the service they receive in your business, while posing as a potential customer.

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