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While ADsmith enjoys working with a wide variety businesses and industries, there are a few in which we have select experience. If your business falls into one of these industries, then you’re in good company.

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ADsmith Marketing & Advertising uses a unique approach to achieve measurable results. Our process wheel illustrates the steps we take to ensure our clients growth. Each step is integral in achieving our clients’ goals.



Media planning, placement, and accountability is ADsmith’s founding strength.  Based on your goals, target audience, and budget, we will maximize the impact of your message.


Growth is the final step of ADsmith’s process wheel, achieved through successful collaboration and implementation of the previous steps. It’s also our favorite part, because we love helping our clients grow!


The foundation of any great marketing campaign. ADsmith’s research capabilities include focus groups, customer surveys, research data from Nielsen, Arbitron, and the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies).


After conducting, compiling, and analyzing research findings, ADsmith collaborates with your business to develop goals. Once a goal is in place, ADsmith will devise a strategy to meet those goals.


Though critical, a company’s marketing bridge is often overlooked. We will identify existing obstacles, either internally or externally, and help you create flawless customer service.


Your business’s identity should be consistent in every piece of material created. Whether it’s print, online, or TV, ADsmith will create, refine, and promote your identity through traditional and creative measures.


The state of Digital Media is in constant flux; our dedicated digital department keeps up-to-date on trends, algorithms, and opportunities to reach your customers.


Promote new products or a new identity, support a cause, or gain community involvement. From news releases to commercials, we’ll build awareness and attendance to your business’s events.

Financial Marketing

Whether planning for the next week, month, or decades in the future, people have never been more attentive to the financial industry. How they choose their bank(s), how they shop for services, and what influences their decisions are just some of crucial questions the research ADsmith Marketing & Advertising answers.

With in-depth research, we identify and cultivate the right message to reach your customers, current and potential. In learning what’s important to your customer and what barriers might exist, we can better develop your strategy and message. Consider ADsmith your comprehensive research resource.

In collaboration with our research, the ADsmith Creative Department, including Video, Design, Digital, and Writing, will produce visually stunning creative components to complement your organization’s message, directly addressing what matters most to your customers.

We will develop the look and message that will best reach your target audience—whether you are focused on an awareness campaign, an overview of your services, promotional rates on accounts or loan products, or highlighting your competitive advantages. Our creative elements will directly address and challenge existing barriers in the most effective methods available, including authentic testimonials, unique television and radio concepts, vibrant print pieces, website design, and beautiful digital ads.

Based on our research findings, ADsmith Marketing & Advertising will identify digital opportunities to boost results for your bank, credit union, or institution. This can be through web videos, digital ads, Google display ads, Facebook events, and more.

The implementation of your media plan depends entirely on your target audience. That’s where the ADsmith Media Department comes in.

We will work with your marketing budget to get the most out of every dollar—whether on television, radio, in print, or online. We will also distribute press releases detailing your organization’s events, fundraisers, and milestones.

Like everything else at ADsmith, our media recommendations result from intense market study and research. We understand the importance of your message so we take the time to really learn your audience, what resonates, and how best to reach them.

Clients in the Financial Industry

Springfield First Community Bank

A local bank that strives to have a positive impact through volunteerism, philanthropy, and a responsible approach to financial services. Visit them online!

Prosperity Financial Group

An independent advisor firm providing fee-based advisory services through Resources Investment Advisors, Inc. (RIA). Visit them online!

TelComm Credit Union

A not-for-profit financial cooperative where members receive many benefits such as high savings rates, low loan rates and the security and convenience of a sound financial institution. Visit them online!

Recent Work in the Financial Industry

  • TelComm Credit Loan - Boat Loan
  • TelComm Credit Union - Holiday Helper Loan
  • SFC Bank - HBA Magazine Print Ad
  • TelComm Credit Union - Auto Loan Refinance

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