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Granting Access to WordPress

Follow these instructions to grant ADsmith full administrative access to the backend WordPress dashboard of your website.

  1. Login to the admin dashboard of your site. This is usually accessible through the /wp-admin slug added to your websites current url. (example:
  2. Navigate to the black dashboard on the left hand side of the screen and scroll to “users”.
  3. Click into “users” and you will see a list of the current users that have access to your site.
  4. Click “add new” at the top of the list.
  5. Enter “ADsmith” for the username, and as the email address.
  6. Click the “generate password” button and copy the lengthy password WordPress provides.
  7. Make sure the “send user notification” checkbox has a checkmark and set the user role to “Administrator” in the dropdown.
  8.  Click the blue “add new user” button at the bottom.

Send the copied password to your ADsmith contact or