There’s a reason we say TEAM instead of staff.

Glenda Head
Executive Assistant

When you call the ADsmith office, there’s a good chance you’ll have the lucky opportunity to speak with Glenda Head. There isn’t a succinct way to describe what Glenda does, as she has her hand in pretty much everything. She is the mastermind behind managing the president’s calendar and appointments, as well as coordinating company events. Additionally, Glenda provides support for our media department. In her spare time, she begs her coworkers for more work.

Glenda has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, so it’s quite likely she has diagnosed our many idiosyncrasies. Previously, she has worked as a paralegal, an adolescent drug treatment case manager, and in medical administration.

More About Glenda

One item to bring when stranded on an island:

Favorite activity to do on the weekend:
Visit family & garden

Signature dance move:
The Hustle

Favorite quote:
“Comes in pretty handy down here, Bub” – George Bailey

The title of your autobiography:
Never Let it Keep You Down

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Organic Farmer