Responsive Google Display Ads – Marketing Minute

Google makes it easy to reach potential customers both on the web and in apps on what’s called the Google Display Network—or GDN—a HUGE network of over 2 million sites.

Our creative team designs Display ads in a variety of sizes: leaderboard, banner, skyscraper, etc. which the digital department places on the Display Network. These different sizes allow the ads to appear in available ad space – found on a multitude of websites.

Responsive Google ads automatically adjust their appearance, size, and format to fit just about any available ad space.

So what do responsive ads look like? Here are a few examples. They are created in Google AdWords and include:
• A headline
• Image
• Link to a landing page

marketing minute- responsive ads

Responsive ads, along with traditional Display ads, increases your reach and impact!
Have any questions about Responsive Google ads? Give us a call at ADsmith.



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