Responsive Google Display Ads

Responsive Google Display Ads – Marketing Minute

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In the latest Marketing Minute, Michelle explains the benefits of Responsive Google Display Ads.

Available in different sizes, Responsive Ads can help you reach thousands of potential customers on over 2 million websites.


“Hi, I’m Michelle from ADsmith’s digital department. In today’s Marketing Minute, I’m going to share with you the newest ad available in Google AdWords—Responsive ads!

Google makes it easy to reach potential customers both on the web and in apps on what’s called the Google Display Network—or GDN—a HUGE network of over 2 million sites.

Our creative team designs Display ads in a variety of sizes: leaderboard, banner, skyscraper, etc. which the <ahref=””>digital department places on the Display Network. These different sizes allow the ads to appear in available ad space – found on a multitude of websites.

Responsive Google ads automatically adjust their appearance, size, and format to fit just about any available ad space.

So what do responsive ads look like? Here are a few examples. They are created in Google AdWords and include:
• A headline
• Image
• Link to a landing page

marketing minute- responsive ads

Responsive ads, along with traditional Display ads, increases your reach and impact!
Have any questions about Responsive ads? Give us a call at ADsmith, or email me at”

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