A bit about ADSMITH.

At ADsmith Marketing and Advertising, we are driven by results, which is why we take research and accountability so seriously. Marketing at its core should be effective, not just pretty. If something isn’t working, we’ll find out why. If something is working, we’ll find out why. We know that the only way we can succeed is if you succeed, so we take your business as seriously as you do.


ADsmith Marketing & Advertising uses a unique approach to achieve measurable results. Our process wheel illustrates the steps we take to ensure our clients growth. Each step is integral in achieving our clients’ goals.



Media planning, placement, and accountability is ADsmith’s founding strength.  Based on your goals, target audience, and budget, we will maximize the impact of your message.


Growth is the final step of ADsmith’s process wheel, achieved through successful collaboration and implementation of the previous steps. It’s also our favorite part, because we love helping our clients grow!


The foundation of any great marketing campaign. ADsmith’s research capabilities include focus groups, customer surveys, research data from Nielsen, Arbitron, and the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies).


After conducting, compiling, and analyzing research findings, ADsmith collaborates with your business to develop goals. Once a goal is in place, ADsmith will devise a strategy to meet those goals.


Though critical, a company’s marketing bridge is often overlooked. We will identify existing obstacles, either internally or externally, and help you create flawless customer service.


Your business’s identity should be consistent in every piece of material created. Whether it’s print, online, or TV, ADsmith will create, refine, and promote your identity through traditional and creative measures.


The state of Digital Media is in constant flux; our dedicated digital department keeps up-to-date on trends, algorithms, and opportunities to reach your customers.


Promote new products or a new identity, support a cause, or gain community involvement. From news releases to commercials, we’ll build awareness and attendance to your business’s events.

Our History

ADsmith Marketing & Advertising was established by industry veteran Angela Diane Smith on November 1, 2000. At the time ADsmith opened its doors, Angela was the only full-time employee and provided all account, media and creative services. ADsmith’s first home was a tiny two-room office, and when the doors officially opened, it was with twelve clients, all of whom followed Angela from her previous position as Vice President of TPS Media Group. ADsmith’s first new client was signed in 2001, and things haven’t slowed down since.

ADsmith moved to Suite 801 of the Plaza Towers in January 2001, and added a receptionist and administrative assistant. The following year brought with it significant changes, including the addition of Hillary West. Though she started as a receptionist, she began assisting Angela with media account services. Today, Hillary is a vital component of ADsmith’s success, and serves as one of the company’s Vice Presidents.

ADsmith developed the company’s first strategic plan in August 2005 and adopted more formal policies and procedures to allow the company to grow, though maintaining its fun, homey atmosphere. Two more office expansions occurred from 2006 – 2009, but the growth didn’t stop there. The addition of an in-house video production team, a graphic design team, a digital department and focus group facility have allowed ADsmith to continue expanding, adding staff, services, clients, and office space.

As the scope of ADsmith’s services evolved, the name evolved, too. ADsmith Communications became ADsmith Marketing & Advertising.

Because of ADsmith’s focus on customer service, information, innovation, accountability and quality, the company has forged enduring relationships with numerous clients. ADsmith currently has more than 60 clients and more than 15 employees. At its core, ADsmith remains a community of passionate marketing professionals producing creative, accountable results.
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