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The Creative department is the heart of any marketing firm. Everything ADsmith Marketing & Advertising creates every commercial that airs, every website launched, every digital ad displayed, every everything boils down to creative. For clients, this is beyond any particular message—it’s your whole identity, and how that identity is conveyed thoroughly, consistently, and creatively across a variety of mediums.


ADsmith Marketing & Advertising uses a unique approach to achieve measurable results. Our process wheel illustrates the steps we take to ensure our clients growth. Each step is integral in achieving our clients’ goals.



Media planning, placement, and accountability is ADsmith’s founding strength.  Based on your goals, target audience, and budget, we will maximize the impact of your message.


Growth is the final step of ADsmith’s process wheel, achieved through successful collaboration and implementation of the previous steps. It’s also our favorite part, because we love helping our clients grow!


The foundation of any great marketing campaign. ADsmith’s research capabilities include focus groups, customer surveys, research data from Nielsen, Arbitron, and the 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies).


After conducting, compiling, and analyzing research findings, ADsmith collaborates with your business to develop goals. Once a goal is in place, ADsmith will devise a strategy to meet those goals.


Though critical, a company’s marketing bridge is often overlooked. We will identify existing obstacles, either internally or externally, and help you create flawless customer service.


Your business’s identity should be consistent in every piece of material created. Whether it’s print, online, or TV, ADsmith will create, refine, and promote your identity through traditional and creative measures.


The state of Digital Media is in constant flux; our dedicated digital department keeps up-to-date on trends, algorithms, and opportunities to reach your customers.


Promote new products or a new identity, support a cause, or gain community involvement. From news releases to commercials, we’ll build awareness and attendance to your business’s events.

Identity & Branding

When done correctly, identity and branding can be seen in literally everything you do. Branding solidifies your company’s identity and message into a singular, cohesive look that, once established, becomes instantly recognizable. It can be found in the color palette chosen to represent your business, along with your signature font.

From your physical office or storefront to your website, social media platforms to billboards, T-shirts to business cards, television commercials to radio spots, web-videos to trade show booths, and beyond, ADsmith will ensure your branding is consistent with your identity.

Brand Identity & Rebranding

Recent Identity & Branding Work

  • Jim Moses - Business Card
  • Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield - Logo
  • Radiophone - Logo
  • OACAC - Logo
  • Pamela Smith Hill - Identity Package
  • GYNCA - 15th Anniversary Logo
  • Petsway - Rebranding
  • Cabinet Concepts by Design & Simply Organized by Design - Logos

More Creative Services

Identity & Branding

ADsmith will help you ensure your branding is consistent with your identity, and always be searching for new, exciting ways to implement and explore new growth.

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Graphic Design

Great design begins with a unique, creative idea, and ends with a product that fits your budget while effectively communicating your message.

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Whatever the project, ADsmith will provide beautiful photography complete with retouches and magic tweaking to deliver the look you want.

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Video Production

At ADsmith, we don’t just write your scripts; we shoot them, too. Everything we produce is shot in 4K, allowing for sharper, more-detailed images.

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Our Other Services

You’ve heard it said before—probably by us—but it bears repeating: there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. While the marketing services ADsmith offers are all inclusive—meaning we can do pretty much anything—the strategy we recommend for you isn’t going to be the same one we recommend to the next guy. Sure, there are certain universal truths in today’s marketing world—for instance, it’s safe to say everyone needs a website and some digital presence—but the way we approach each project, from websites and beyond, will depend wholly on your business and your goals.

These are the services on which ADsmith cultivated the outstanding reputation we have today. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, never fear. We’re always open to take an out-of-the-box suggestion.