Survival Consultation

COVID-19 has made chaos of everyday life. Many companies and organizations across the country are now in survival-mode, exploring new means of doing business to keep open until the pandemic is behind us.

“Local businesses without crisis management plans will struggle the most. It’s imperative that all businesses prepare.”

-Angela Smith, ADsmith Founder and Owner

While this is a time of uncertainty, it’s also an opportunity to discover and unlock previously explored business possibilities that will not only help you get to the other side of COVID, but prosper.

When you call ADsmith for your free consultation, we’ll discuss these possibilities and more. Prepare to dive deep into the heart of your business as we ask:

  • What expenses are essential for your business’ survival? Which can be reduced or temporarily suspended?
  • What are some alternative means of generating revenue?
  • What practices need to be revisited or updated to meet the challenge posed by the current climate?
  • What projects can your business get started on today that could give you an advantage when normal business resumes?
  • What practices, policies, or procedures have you been putting off exploring or implementing that might reinforce or strengthen your business’ infrastructure?
  • How can we leverage your WHY to remain your customers’ flagship service provider in your industry?
Odds are you’ve already asked yourself these questions and more, but as we say at ADsmith, it’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle. Take advantage of a perspective both objective and unique, and one informed by nearly twenty years of guiding businesses through times of prosperity and adversity.

Schedule your call with ADsmith today.